I am a civil engineer qualified in the structural design and sustainable construction using eco-materials such as bamboo, wood, earth, and others with low environmental impact.

I have knowledge and experience in the application of structural engineering principles, structural engineering computer programs and building codes. I am highly motivated and willing to research and take on new challenges, such as the biomimetic and parametric design of organic structures.

On this website I present the projects in which I have participated as an engineer:

12. Palapa, Yoga Temple (Mexico, 03/2018): Structural design of Hyperbolic paraboloids. Laminated Bamboo structure. Details

© CO-LAB Design Office

11. Aurea Structures (France, 09/2017): Partnership agreement. Bamboo Business Plans. Feasibility studies of investments in the Bamboo sector. Details

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 16.00.08.png

10. Barichara Houses (Colombia, 07/2017): Structural design. Rammed earth. Reinforced Earth structures. Details

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 19.12.49

9. University of Ancestral Wisdom (Colombia, 05/2017): Structural design of UDSA Library. Bamboo organic structure. Details

© UDSA Library

8. Chiangmai Life Construction (Thailand, 06/2016): Evaluation and structural analysis of Panyaden School Assembly and Indoor Sports Hall. Bamboo organic structure. Details

© Chiangmai Life Construction

7. Varsana Eco Yoga Village (Colombia, 11/2015): Structural design of bamboo Guadua geodesic dome and “wattle and daub” walls. Details


6. Workshop (Colombia, 11/2015): Bamboo structures in sustainable construction. Why should we build with bamboo? Details

Captura de pantalla 2017-05-05 16.31.28

5. Mahia, Permacultural Village (Colombia, 10/2015): Structural design of timber and “wattle and daub” houses. Details

© Villa Permacultural Mahia

4. Bambuterra (Mexico, 01/2015): Research. Displacement based seismic design method for wood and bamboo structures. Details

© Bambuterra

3. National University of Colombia (Colombia, 09/2014): Research. Displacement based seismic design method for wood and laminated Guadua bamboo structures. Details

© Uniandes

2. General Hospital of Medellin (Colombia, 04/2012): Seismic analysis of reinforced concrete structures.

© Hospital General de Medellín

1. Technological University of Antioquia (Colombia, 01/2011): Seismic analysis of concrete and masonry structures.

mapa_sede_central_2017-2© Tecnológico de Antioquia

Send me a message, and I will contact you to arrange a free consultation:

Esteban Morales, Civil Engineer.
Medellin, Colombia.
Mobile (WhatsApp) : 57 + 310 381 5925


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